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Wing Chun  Butterfly Knives & Long Poles

Custom Training Butterfly Knives  (Bak Jam Do) - (free shipping from China): 

You'll never have to buy another pair of training knives again!  Out of all of the Knives on the market, these are  probably the closest to the original Wing Chun ones.  The virtue of these is that they are full knives, most those on the market are pair knives which one side is always made flat for pairing convince but not good in practicing and hand gripping.  Considering you don't really need to have a flat pair to slip into your boot, these full knives are excellent training weapons and fit in your hand well.

Buick has a blacksmith who lives in the mountains of China produce these blades.  They are hefty and very sturdy and can take years of constant beatings.  I was quite impressed when I picked them up. They are made from Iron Sand steel.  Here is what he said about them:

"The swords are blacksmithed from steel dust with back and forth hammer striking and melting, treated with the exact process of traditional Chinese weapons (this is true) and it is a vanishing business, the only handcraft blacksmiths will be gone in a few years with no successors.  A significant difference is that the blades are tapered on the back line (please refer to my photos which show very clearly) gradual narrow towards the tip, most offered on the market were cut out from commercial steel plates that the weight is not concentrated on the back of the blade.  That makes significant difference."

The pictures below will give you the best idea of them.  They are made for training, rather than looks.  The blade is 11", the width at the base is 2.5", and the handle w/o ring is 4", the ring maybe 1".  Each knife weights about 1.99 lbs (.9kg) with the tassel on.

The Ultimate Long Poles (Luk Dim Boon Quan) x5 - The poles are 3 meters long (most on the market a 2.75m) and slightly tapered.  (In 1964 when Buick Yip began learning from his Sifu, Chu Shong Tin, he mentioned that the pole was very long, but Master Chu told him that Yip Man said the pole should be even longer)...  You can't find such a tapered pole anywhere else in the world.  Most orders are for 30-50 at a time and whomever orders them usually has them re-sold be the time the shipment arrives.  (Many schools place their orders with Mr. Yip).  The material is made out of a classic material they call "Qwan Din" in Chinese, and is not found in western forestry.  Qwan Din is commonly used in making oars, like the long oars in the sampan, and it can be put into water permanently and will not rot.  They are also heavy and flexible (imagine the long oars rowing against water constantly).  This wood could have very well been the material of the original Chi Sin Monk Luk Dim Boon Quan on the Red Boats.  The Qwan Din tree has a ring and a core, the core is hard but brittle, so Buick only uses the outer core.  In Today's market, 1CBM of the outer core is worth about $500 USD.  You cannot find poles like this anywhere else.  For real Wing Chun practitioners this is a dream pole and will wear you out easily.  Minimum order of 5 is required to insure the safety of the poles when shipped (shipping 1-2 has usually resulted in a damaged pole).  Right now these are only available with shipments of Dummies so they don't get damaged.

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